Polish National Catholic Parish

God is born and night is shaken
He the Heaven’s King lies naked.
The living Word knows brightness darkened,
He the Limitless takes limit.
Born disdained yet worship given,
Mortal, yet the Lord eternal.
Now indeed the Word made flesh
Has come on earth to dwell among us.

What hast thou, O Heaven better,
God abandoned thy perfection?
Here to share the trial and sorrow
Of His poor, beloved people.
Suffered much and suffered dearly,
For we all were guilty sinners,
Now indeed the Word made flesh
Has come on earth to dwell among us.

Born into a common stable,
He is cradled in a manager.
How then tell me what surrounds you
Hay and peace and simple shepherds.
You were ones who had the honor
Him to greet, and kings came bowing.
Now indeed the Word made flesh
Has come on earth to dwell among us.

My Dear Friends!

Christmas brings to our minds the truth that the „Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” The incarnation of the Son of God is a concrete and real entry of God into our world, with all its problems and specifically the problems encountered by man.

Christmas opens our hearts to the most exquisite experience of family love. The cradle of our life is the love lived within the family. The more the family is holy, the more we experience happiness. Man is made to be born out of love, to live in love and to live for love. It is to this end that God gives the gift of human life to a family. We realize how beautiful is this desire of God, when on Christmas Eve we contemplate Mary and Joseph gazing with love at their beautiful baby Son.

The Holy Family, the most perfect human community lived in ideal harmony with God’s love, should serve for all Christian families as a source of inspiration to greater mutual love and an example for which we should be eternally grateful. May the breath of everlasting love which descended from on High into our hearts renew our family ties on Christmas Eve.

Let us pray to God for all families, for the families of our Church
that love brighter than the star of Bethlehem guide their way
to happiness and fulfillment of their mission.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2018 Year.

WE ARE AN APOSTOLIC CHURCH… following in Apostolic Succession from the Apostles, along with our sister churches the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

This simply means that all three Catholic Churches are separate but equal, mutually recognizing the validity of each others priesthood, sacraments and the Mass. We are a Catholic community that has been in existence since 1897.

As a family oriented community of believers, we welcome those who share our traditional catholic beliefs to consider becoming members of our Parish family.
You will find the members of our Parish community to be warm, friendly and caring Catholic believers who live by their faith.

Our mission includes spiritual, educational and faith building activities that are essential to every day Christian Life. Come and worship with us at Holy Mass, participate in our parish programs and join our Family in its daily walk with Christ.


A Catholic church where each parish decides it’s own destiny.


A Catholic church that welcomes all who wish to follow Christ.


A Catholic church whose property is owned by the people who purchase, build and maintain it.

You don’t have to imagine anymore!

Holy Trinity PNCC Parish
880 Barton Street East, Hamilton, On, L8L 3B7 Canada


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